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Keyword: marketing

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SEO Score


URL Analysis4/6

  •   URL is SEO friendly Pass
  •   Keyword not found in URL Fail
  •   URL does not contain underscores Pass
  •   robots.txt file found Pass
  •   Favicon file not found Fail
  •   Preferred domain set Pass

Page Speed1/1

  •   Load speed is under 2 seconds Pass

Title Analysis1/2

Blog - Bigwave media
  •   Title has 60 characters or less.Pass
  •   Title tag should begin with exact keywordFail

Description Analysis1/2

From the latest trends to the best industry news, the Bigwave blog is the place to be.
  •   Description has 160 characters or less. Pass
  •   Description tag should contain the exact keyword Fail

Image Analysis1/4

  •   Not all images have alt tags Fail
  •   Exact keyword should be used in an alt tag Fail
  •   Add exact keyword to an image file name Fail
  •   No underscores found in image file names Pass

Headings (H1-H6)2/3

  1. The BIG blog
  1. Bigwave Live
  2. Start Project
  3. There's a lot of knowledge within
    Bigwave's walls
  1. Thu Feb 14, 2019
  2. Thu Feb 14, 2019
  3. Thu Feb 14, 2019
  4. Reflections on homelessness from our St Petrock’s talk
  5. #TeamBigwave's advice on starting a career in marketing
  6. Why has the Gillette ad received such a bad reaction?
  7. Yoga Classes Poster
  8. Exeter Spirit Flyer
  9. Student Promo Flyer for New Vision Fitness
  10. Step 1 - About you
  11. Step 2 - Your project
  12. Step 3 - Deadline / Budget
  13. Reflections on homelessness from our St Petrock’s talk
  14. #TeamBigwave's advice on starting a career in marketing
  15. Why has the Gillette ad received such a bad reaction?
  16. A humble egg is now the most liked photo on Instagram
  17. Article 13 - The controversial European Directive
  18. Google Maps update explained - changes in hotels results
  19. The 9 most memorable marketing campaigns of 2018
  20. Bigwave media helps deliver first UK Skillbike studio
  21. Souks, fezzes and sporting conversations at SIBEC Europe
  22. Make them Stick – how to reduce your bounce rate
  23. SEO horrors: tales of bad SEO advice
  24. Is reputation a ranking factor on Google?
  •   Found heading tags H1, H2 and H3 Pass
  •   Exact keyword found heading tags H1, H2 or H3 Pass
  •   Remove any duplicate heading tags Fail

Top Words5/5

Mobile Analysis 1/2

  •   We found viewport metatag Pass
  •   Add an Apple icon Fail

Text Analysis 2/5

  •   You have 500+ words on this page Pass
  •   Keyword usage exceeds 3 occurences Fail
  •   Exact keyword was neither bolded, italicized, or underlined Fail
  •   Exact keyword was not found within first 100 words Fail
  •   Exact keyword found in anchor text Pass

Social Buttons 1/4

  •   Add Tweet button Fail
  •   Add Facebook share/like button Fail
  •   Add Google +1 button Fail
  •   Blog link found Pass

Code Analysis 2/6

  •   Code is not W3C valid. Fail
  •   No flash elements found. Pass
  •   Remove inline css. Fail
  •   Text to html ratio is less than 2:1 Fail
  •   Add markup Fail
  •   Link to sitemap.xml found Pass

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